Xsights – WA Innovator of the Year Winner

Dec 5, 2022

Xsights Wins WA Innovator of the Year – Business News ‘Great for the State’ Platinum Award for 2022.

Xsights Digital Pty Ltd is excited to announce that we have won the WA Innovator of the Year – Business News ‘Great for the State’ Platinum Award for 2022.

The Award recognises WA innovators who have developed an outstanding innovation, which raises the profile of WA and contributes to developing WA’s reputation as an innovative and pioneering state.

Xsights had tough competition going up against outstanding innovations from Assuro, Sentient Hubs & Vedi for this category.

The Xsights winning innovation is for the XIoT Health Tag for livestock health and welfare monitoring. The XIoT Health tag is being developed to collect real time location and temperature data for monitoring and reporting on the health and welfare of livestock at scale. The XIoT Tag comprises a three core silicon processor with integrated Bluetooth transmitter, and sensing, security, and processing units.

Livestock producers face significant productivity and economic challenges due to health and welfare requirements during various stages of growth. This is compounded by difficulties in the early detection of issues for farming large groups of livestock, with current approaches time consuming and manually intensive. Research has determined that early detection minimises the negative impact of disease, injury and equipment/ housing failures on the health, welfare, and productivity of individual and groups of livestock. Having access to real time metrics such as temperature, movement, heart rate, feed intake, and water intake can enable early onset of disease to be identified and further opportunities to enhance welfare. In turn this allows for earlier interventions, thereby reducing the severity of the impact on growth performance, mortality and spread of disease.

The Xsights IoT (XIoT) Tag is applied to the ear of each animal from birth to associate a unique ID with data continually logged and processed to maintain a health & welfare profile and lifetime provenance report for each individual animal. Through ongoing development of an associated machine learning platform, triggers and alerts will be created for actionable insights, and to prompt timely intervention for maintaining optimal health and welfare, based on data-driven predictions and recommendations.

Xsights would like to thank;

All the finalists – Assuro, Ex Planta, Neurotologix, Protective, Speed Signature, Walk to Beat, Heat Trap Solutions, Pixelcase, Sentient Hubs, Vedi, Vitruvian, Lixa, Triphasic Cardiac Pump, Axiom Sensing and FoundAt.

All the Sponsors – Rio Tinto, Business News, Wesfarmers, Woodside Energy, Griffith Hack, Wrays, Biodesign Australia, The Centre for Entrepreneurial Research and Innovation (CERI), Murfett Legal, Moore Australia and PwC.

All the Program Mentors – Ammo Marketing, Atomic Sky, Emergination, Griffith Hack, Moore Australia, Murfett Legal, PwC, Strategic Intent & Wrays.

And finally, but most significantly, the Western Australian Government, The Honorable Stephen Dawson (Minister for Innovation & ICT), Professor Fiona Wood (Patron for the WA Innovator of the Year program), The Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation (JTSI), Janet Simmons & Charlie Gunningham for your ongoing commitment to raising the profile of innovation in WA and to advance the growth of WA innovation-based industries.

For any budding local entrepreneurs or companies that are innovating and leading the way in their field, we recommend you consider applications for 2023.

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Further reading

Xsights has developed scalable ‘sensing as a service’ solutions that collect location data on people and assets in real time. Our platforms are the Xsights Asset Tracking Solution (XATS) – Mobile App & Dashboard – with XIoT tags and Xsights Gateway Analytics for Audience Measurement.

Visit Xsights Digital – Location Data – Sensing as a Service to learn more.

For further information on XIoT Tags or to discuss any other projects or initiatives of interest within the product provenance, Sensing-as-a-Service, IoT, agricultural and mining technologies, asset tracking, and audience measurement spaces, please Contact – Xsights

To find out more about the awards and this year’s winners, you can follow this link; https://www.wa.gov.au/organisation/department-of-jobs-tourism-science-and-innovation/wa-innovator-of-the-year-meet-the-2022-winners