Health & Wellbeing

Early detection is critical to maintaining and demonstrating good health & wellbeing for livestock.

Early detection minimises the negative impact of disease, injury and equipment failures on the health, wellbeing, and productivity of individual and groups of animals.

Specifically, having the capability to utilize and access real-time metrics such as temperature, location, movement, dwell, weight, food, and water intake can enable the onset of disease or compromises to wellbeing to be identified at an early stage. In turn this allows for earlier interventions, thereby reducing the severity of the impact on growth performance, mortality and spread of disease.

Current monitoring methods that are commercially feasible for use with large numbers of livestock tend to be limited by small data sets that describe single points in time.

To solve this problem, Xsights has developed the Xiot Health Tag.

The Xiot tag collects multiple data sets and broadcasts continuously at scale for monitoring and reporting on the health and wellbeing of each animal in real-time.

Through machine learning, AI Insights are generated with triggers and alerts sent to farmers in real-time for early intervention to address health & wellbeing issues.

You Can Only Manage What you Measure

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