Mortality & Endemic Disease Management

Primary producers face significant losses from mortality and endemic diseases.

Current processes are considered manually intensive, reactive, and not scalable.

Critical to optimizing mortality and endemic disease management is the early detection of health and wellbeing issues.

Xsights Livestock Management platform driven by the Xiot Health Tag, provide timely insights to decision makers and operatives through Triggers, Alerts, Reports, API’s, Mobile Application and Dashboard view.

Not only does the Xsights solution enable prompt, immediate action, it also allows for ongoing tracking and analysis of mortality events, supporting data-driven decision making, and allowing for long-term monitoring and trend analysis.

These capabilities empower farmers and operatives to proactively manage mortality rates and address endemic diseases, leading to improved animal health and wellbeing, reduced economic losses, and enhanced overall management practices.

You Can Only Manage What you Measure

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