XIoT Health Tag for Livestock Health & Welfare Monitoring

Jul 4, 2022

Xsights is excited to announce that our International Patent Application for our innovative XIot Health Tag has been successfully filed in 156 countries.

The XIoT Health Tag has been developed for remote and automated monitoring of livestock health and welfare.

Current monitoring methods that are commercially feasible for use with large numbers of livestock, tend to be limited to retrospective data for visits to feeders, feed and/or water intakes, increased mortality, or manually measured data, such as individual temperatures.

The XIoT Health Tag automatically collects and processes specific critical data sets, at scale, and in real time, for triggered actions and proactive management alerts.

Applications under development with Agriculture & Livestock industry partners, includes;

  • Mortality and endemic disease management with early detection
  • Product provenance / ‘paddock to plate’ supply chain traceability
  • Cold chain supply management
  • Feed log and management
  • Watering log and management
  • Reducing animal attack costs with triggers and alerts
  • Automated and streamlined administration processes for operations on farms
  • Credit risk management
  • Deterring stock theft
  • Improved breeding efficiency
  • Pasture management
  • Carbon management

The XIoT tag may be deployed across multiple industries for many other applications.

Xsights is collaborating with leading industry participants on key projects to commercially validate and accelerate the deployment of XIoT on the XATS platform.

Xsights SaaS (‘Sensing as a Service’) business model is designed to capture real time data of valuable assets using IoT devices, to enable quick and informed decision; for protection, productivity, safety, life or death.

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