Agricultural Traceability Systems – XIoT Tag Deployment

Jan 23, 2023

XIoT Tag Deployment for Agricultural Traceability Systems

The Australian Governments’ investment into agricultural traceability systems, continues to support opportunities to secure premium pricing for agricultural industries, deliver improved traceability outcomes, and provide national leadership.

Xsights is committed to supporting the development of these systems, with the deployment of the XIoT Health Tag (Xsights IoT Tag), as an affordable and scalable solution for traceability, provenance and biosecurity within agricultural supply chains.

Specifically for Livestock, the capability exists to track, process and report using a combination of the XIoT tag, QR codes, and a secure web-accessible data system that multiple key stakeholders can interface with.

Using this approach, information about the health, origin, and movement of livestock can be recorded in a secure and highly-scalable way, and linked to a unique QR code that is attached to each animal or its identification documents.

For example, a farmer could attach a QR code to an animal’s XIoT tag, linking it to detailed information about the animal’s unique identification number, breed, age, health status, vaccinations, and any other relevant information.

This information is recorded on a secure cloud-based platform, enabling intermediaries, such as feedlot operators, processors, and retailers, to scan the QR code and access the information in real-time, ensuring ready access to key information with which to inform traceability and provide transparency.

In this way, all operatives and organisations in the supply chain can be provided with access to data captured and analysed from the XioT tag, which is updated as the animal moves through the supply chain, creating a secure traceability system, especially in terms of food safety, the welfare of the animal and overall animal health. Additionally, the information can be used to verify the authenticity of the product and to comply with regulatory requirements.

Moreover, this technology can also help in the identification of specific animal characteristics like certifying the animal is free of disease and is raised in a sustainable and welfare-friendly way, those benefits make it attractive for the end-consumers and also the regulatory agencies.

Ultimately, the outcomes for Australia’s benefit is further validation to the world, that our products are safe, clean, and sustainable from paddock to plate.

The XIoT tag is currently deployed on farm for Craig Mostyn Group in Western Australia and was recently awarded the WA Innovator of the Year 2022 Business News ‘Great for the State’ Platinum Award by the Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science & Innovation.

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